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Unlock Your Hidden Talents For Personal Success Through Colored Brain

Do you follow your heart, or do you follow what you are told to do? You know you have potential, and it is not maximized, or you do not know how to unleash it… Are there moments you doubted yourself … Read More

Colored Brain for Leadership Success

Why it is so difficult to emulate a particular leadership style? You find that it is not natural to follow. It is also said that leadership is situational. How situational should it be? Should you fit into a template or … Read More

What Colored Brain Leader Are You?

Imagine two computers, a Mac and a PC (Windows). Both can run “Microsoft Excel” and “Adobe Photoshop” (graphic software), yet you cannot run software designed for one type of computer on the other. Both programmes have a slightly different look … Read More

Managing Employees’ Emotions In Cultural Shift

The most difficult component of an organisation to manage is its people. Many change initiatives have failed because companies underestimated how critically the human factor can determine success or failure during a time of change. After weather, people are the … Read More

From Gen Y to Gen Z: Guide to the Next Generation of Employees

Who is Gen Z? What’s so special about them? What’s the difference between Gen Y & Z? Who are the Gen Y and Z in Malaysia? What are their future in Malaysia? Are you prepared for the coming of Gen Z? … Read More

Managing Baby Boomers, Gen-X And Gen-Y At Work

“Most managers who are Gen-Xs expect the younger generation to commit equal hard work and complain if their juniors refuse.” “Gen-Ys have an unrealistic sense of entitlement. They want high salary and work positions than their experience and education can … Read More