Colored Brain Professional Practitioner Certification

Colored Brain Professional Practitioner Certification Course

Stand Out In The Crowded Assessment And Performance Arena And Make A Lasting Impact

Course Overview

  • Delve into the essence of communication and comprehension, exploring why messages sometimes fail to land, and work gets misinterpreted.
  • Discover the Colored Brain Model, created by Arthur F. Carmazzi, as a lens to understand how different brains achieve clarity and dictate communication styles through color brain training.

What is Colored Brain? How Does It Work?

  • A pivotal element of the Directive Communication methodology, the Colored Brain Model delineates how our brains process and perceive the world.
  • Through this model, unearth the root causes of disengagement, trust breakdowns, and miscommunication, illuminating the ‘How’ of our brain’s colored brain communication pathways.

Certification Outcomes

  • Master the art of identifying and interpreting Colored Brain profiles, utilizing colored brain training techniques alongside Colored Brain Cards and the Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI).
  • Gain the expertise to diagnose psychological root causes of issues, fostering enhanced Employee Engagement, Communication & Alignment, Team Synergy & Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, Trust Cultivation, and robust interpersonal relationships.

Key Takeaways: Master the DC Tools

  1. Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI):
    • A psychometric profiling tool unveiling how our brains genetically communicate and navigate the world around us, focusing on the Ambiguity Relief process, Brain Flexibility, and Miscommunication Insights.
  2. Colored Brain Communication Cards:
    • Crafted to elicit subconscious values and insights, these cards enable a deeper understanding of individuals beyond surface communication, bridging gaps between different colored brains

Who Should Attend

Ideal for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Managers, L&D Professionals, Counsellors, Coaches, Facilitators, HR Professionals, Educators, and anyone keen on delving into psychological perspectives for personal and professional growth.

Directive Communication Psychology & Our Methodology

  • Immerse in Directive Communication (DC), a revolutionary psychology developed by Arthur F Carmazzi, aimed at optimizing team dynamics and individual performance.
  • Engage in a plethora of interactive and experiential activities designed to foster personal responsibility, leadership skills, and a journey towards achieving higher levels of excellence in leadership.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Enhanced Interpersonal Understanding

Reach out to explore how this certification can be a transformative experience in understanding the psychology of communication, promoting better cooperation, trust, and success in personal and professional realms.

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