Connecting With Millenials

Connecting With Millennials Training

Navigate the Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Younger Generations

  • Join our tailored workshop designed to address the complexities of engaging with Malaysia’s Gen Y and Gen Z in the workplace.
  • Our program is crafted for leaders and managers who face challenges in managing, communicating, and retaining these dynamic and tech-savant generations.

Engaging Workshop Experience

  • Dive deep into the generational characteristics that define Gen Y and Gen Z.
  • Through a blend of interactive activities and comprehensive research insights, participants will explore the nuances of these younger generations compared to their predecessors, uncovering strategies to harness their strengths and mitigate common workplace issues.

Key Workshop Takeaways

  • Generational Insights: Understand the key differences and similarities between Gen Y and Gen Z, and how they diverge from older generations in their work expectations and behaviors.
  • Effective Management Strategies: Learn to communicate effectively and create engagement strategies that resonate with the tech-driven and value-oriented priorities of younger generations.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Gain insights into how generational characteristics vary between Malaysian and global contexts, and how to leverage this understanding in your leadership approach.

HRDC Leadership Training

Who Should Embark on This Journey?

  • This session is crucial for corporate leaders, HR professionals, and team managers tasked with leading a vibrant mix of generational talent. Ideal for:

    • CEOs, Managing Directors, Department Heads
    • Senior Managers, HR Professionals, Talent Management Heads
    • Executives, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs involved in recruitment and team development

Engaging Course Content

  • Generational Overviews: Explore detailed profiles of Gen Y and Gen Z, alongside insights into Baby Boomers and Gen X, to understand workplace dynamics across ages.
  • Malaysian Focus: Examine the unique aspects of Malaysian generational perspectives on work and life, leveraging local demographic statistics and cultural values.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in activities designed to illustrate and solve common generational conflicts, from reliance on technology to expectations of work-life integration.

Forge Your Path in Multigenerational Leadership

Connect with us to customize this program to fit your organization’s specific needs. Explore how to transform generational challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation within your teams.

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