Directive Communication Psychology Practitioner Professional Certification

Directive Communication Psychology Practitioner Professional Certification

Unlock Human Behavior Dynamics and Boost Employee Engagement

Course Overview

  • Address common organizational challenges related to employee behavior, communication breakdowns, and high turnover rates.
  • Explore Directive Communication (DC) Psychology as a gateway to interpreting and influencing human behavior, enhancing personal and professional relationships, and unlocking untapped potential.

The Science Behind DC Psychology

  • Delve into the fundamentals of DC Psychology, the science of group dynamics that sheds light on how and why individuals behave in groups.
  • Discover a suite of tools – the Colored Brain Communication Cards, Colored Brain Communication Inventory, and World of Work Map – designed to elucidate human behaviors and emotional drives.

Certification Outcomes

  • Master the art of identifying and interpreting Colored Brain profiles, utilizing Colored Brain Cards, and leveraging the World of Work Map to gain deeper insights into individuals’ work styles and problem-solving approaches.
  • Equip yourself with the ability to diagnose psychological root causes of organizational issues, fostering enhanced Communication & Alignment, Team Synergy & Cooperation, Employee Engagement & Motivation, Conflict Resolution, Trust Cultivation, and robust interpersonal relationships.

Key Takeaways: Master the 3 Special DC Tools

  1. Colored Brain Communication Inventory™ (CBCI):
    • A psychometric profiling tool unveiling how our brains genetically communicate and navigate the world around us, focusing on the Ambiguity Relief process, Brain Flexibility, and Miscommunication Insights.
  2. Colored Brain Communication Cards:
    • Crafted to elicit subconscious values and insights, these cards enable a deeper understanding of individuals beyond surface communication, bridging gaps between different colored brains.
  3. World of Work Map:
    • A game-style tool that, in conjunction with CBC Cards, reveals individuals’ work styles, processes, and potential problem areas, serving as a Productivity Map, Problem Solving Map, and Interview Tool to elicit work styles of candidates.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for HR Professionals, Hiring Managers, Managers, L&D Professionals, Counsellors, Coaches, Facilitators, Negotiators, Sales Professionals, Educators, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, and anyone keen on delving into psychological perspectives for personal and professional growth.

Embark on a Transformative Journey of Influential Mastery

Reach out to explore how this certification can be a game-changer in understanding human behavior, promoting better cooperation, trust, and success in personal and professional realms.

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