Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Application

Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Application

A Framework to Raise Mindfulness & Sensitivities

  • Dive into the realm of Unconscious Bias, exploring its subtle influences in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment.
  • Understand how instinctual snap judgments, although unintentional, can significantly impact organizational performance and interpersonal relations.

The Journey of Awareness

  • Engage in an eye-opening session aimed at shedding light on the foundations of Unconscious Bias, fostering a heightened sense of mindfulness and sensitivity.
  • Uncover the hidden opportunities that addressing unconscious biases can unveil, propelling your organization towards a higher level of performance.

Key Objectives & Learning Outcomes

  • Recognition: Develop a clear understanding of what unconscious bias is and how it manifests within the workplace.
  • Mindfulness: Cultivate mindfulness towards stereotyping and its influences on our perceptions and interactions.
  • Impact Assessment: Evaluate the ramifications of biases and devise strategies to manage and mitigate them effectively.
  • Global Perspective: Promote leadership practices tailored for local delivery, aligning with global standards.
  • National Synergy: Harness the multicultural diversity inherent in Malaysia to foster national unity and organizational growth.

Who Should Embark on This Enlightening Journey?

Diversity & Inclusion Committees, Change Agents involved in Diversity & Inclusions, and anyone within the organization keen on fostering a more impartial and inclusive environment.

  • HR Managers, Team Leaders
  • Executives, Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals aiming to enhance organizational culture

Embark on a Journey of Inclusive Transformation

Reach out to us to explore how this workshop can be tailored to align with your organization’s aspirations for a diverse and inclusive culture, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment that drives success.

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